CPI was also one of the pioneers in shipping Okinawa purple sweet potatoes to markets in the mainland. In 2013, CPI once again refocused on quality over quantity with Organic Turmeric in order to meet the demands of the ever growing organic market.

Crown Pacific International (CPI) started its business in December 1997 on the Big Island of Hawaii, began with two local partners along with a California business and tax attorney. CPI began exclusively with ginger and then added  papaya, sweet potato, tropical fruit (LonganLychee and Rambutan) and herbs – Italian and Thai Basil three years later, shipping them throughout the United States.

In 2000, the company then turned its focus on quality rather than quantity in planting and selling a relatively new product – Organic ginger. CPI is one of the island’s largest organic ginger marketers, thanks to strict growing requirements and agriculture compliance certification. CPI has also pioneered a way to eliminate the waste of ginger “culls” by pasteurizing, packing and shipping the product to bakeries, candy and cookie makers throughout the US.

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